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1.  What kind of sports equipment can I hang on GearStash?
Skis & poles, snowboards, boots, helmets/goggles/gloves, jackets/pants/gaiters all other clothes and misc. small items (keep in our handy mesh bags so it's all ready to go).
Backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, mats, dried food & energy bars/gels, hydration paks & cook kits, and medical-survival-tool/repair kits.
Ice & rock climbing and mountaineering equipment, haul bags, shoes/clothes and rain gear.
Snowshoes, in-line and ice skates, skateboards, wake boards, wave boards, kayak & canoeing gear.
Swim/snorkel/scuba clothes & wetsuits and gear.
Bikes, biking/running shoes & clothes, monitors, helmets, glasses and gear. Rackets and just about any stick and ball.

2.  Where can I hang GearStash?
On a 1 1/2 foot wide, 2 1/2 foot wide or 5 foot wide X 7 foot high wall in any room, closet, basement, attic, garage, mud room, mountain home entry hall or owners' lockup closet, etc.
Also ideal commercially for ski patrol/first aid stations, backcountry hut system lodge entry areas, hotel/restaurant employee gear closets, etc. Please pass on our website address to friends who could use GearStash.

3.  How does my equipment attach to GearStash?
Special hooks that you arrange in numerous webbing loops. 

4.  How much will the GearStash hold?
As much as you to want to cram on it. Our largest design accommodates multi-sport gear of one person (or the seasonal gear of two people). A family is likely to need several GearStash units or a variety of models.
The 1.25 system load rating is 150 lbs and the 2.5 system load rating is 300 lbs. The 5.0 system load rating is 600 lbs. The wall screw hooks must be installed properly into wood studs to allow these 150 lbs. per stud ratings (two studs for the 1.25 and 2.5 and four studs for the 5.0. Owner's manual details installation instructions.

5.  What if my equipment is very heavy?
GearStash will hold the weight of most sports gear for one or two people.
See last answer for load ratings per webbing strip and stud screw hooks. Each webbing loop is rated at 40 lbs. The J-hooks are rated at 500 lbs. (It's their design and rigidity that helps creates our unique 'system'). 

6.  How can I get more straps and bags...or another GearStash?
Please review the items available on the Re-order form you received with your GearStash or visit the Products Page of this web site. Mail, fax, or e-mail a list of the model numbers and quantities of the items you want. We will promtly e-mail, phone or fax an acknowledgement showing your total price due and approx. delivery time by UPS Ground or US Mail outside continential USA.



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