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  • A professional gear testing service concludes:  GearStash six-month-field-test has been impecccable.

This site is used by many ourdoor enthusiasts to find reliable products and it reviews ONLY products that the site managers decide are worthy to contact for inclusion on their extensive website: 

Please visit their site and select 'Gear Storage/Organizers' for reviews of three experienced testers.

They tested our small size. Our larger sizes hold 2x & 4x the amount of gear. Use our site to order.


  • A 2015 Backpacker magazine column by noted 'home organization consultant: Liz C. of Alchemy of Order, Boulder, Colorado' describes GearStash as being indespensible.
  • Thousands of users in 16 countries have never reported a complaint or defect.


  •  Here's what some say about how using a GearStash System has enhanced their lives:

Wife loves the newly uncluttered basement room.
J. N. of Aurora, Colorado says his wife "greatly appreciates how much better organized and uncluttered the storage room is with all the sports stuff hanging on the GearStash.  We have open floor space!"  And he thought he was a fairly organized guy.  "GearStash is a great addition to our organized so much in a small space."

World of difference
I've installed GearStash in my condo garage in just a few minutes.  I should of taken some before and after pictures because there's a world of difference compared to my gear spread all over the floor. ...
C.J. Boulder, CO

Everything in one place
This is great having all our sports and outdoor equipment in one place.  It used to be all over the garage and house. ... S.F. Aurora, CO

I liked it so much I bought two.
We just moved and I dreaded the chore of finding a new place for all our outdoor gear.  When I discovered GearStash I got a 5.0 for the garage and a 5.0 for the basement.  Then I just unpacked from the move right onto the GearStash 'wall'. Now after each trip we can pack and unpack right off the GearStash. I love it.  ... J. S., Englewood CO

Everybody has a gear clutter issue.
But, GearStash makes it better. ... J. C. Kittridge CO



I wanted to show you my GearStash in action!
I'm constantly trying to improve storage and organization.  I bought the GearStash system and installed it easily in my garage.  GearStash stores a lot of stuff and it is easy to grab your equipment and go.  I highly recommend this quality product. ... T. S., Montrose, Colorado


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