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December 7, 2022
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GS Closet Organizers
GS Closet Organizers WHAT IS A GEARSTASH? The design of GearStash Systems is a new concept in gear storage. See above for an overview of what you get, how & why it works and who uses it.

Wall storage system constructed of durable fabric 2.5 feet wide X 3 feet high with 40 webbing hook-loops & 10 moveable hooks. Includes 3 mesh bags. Load capacity = 160 lbs. (40 lbs. on each of four webbing-loop strips, 40 lbs. per webbing-loop).

4 Mesh Bags - one 12x12", one 17x17", one 20x20" and one 11x32" for boots, helmets, clothing, pedals, shoes, skates, tools, rackets, bats, balls and other gear.
Additional HangStraps and MeshBags can be ordered on Reorder Form in Owner’s Manual or in the GearStash Online Store.

Special orders below (add $16 and 4 weeks to delivery). Specify your choice of Black or White Mesh Bags:
D) Closet Door/Wall’s - Wht/Wht-on-White w/ White Mesh Bags
E) Cyclist’s & Runner’s - Silver/Sliver-on-Silver
F) Outdoorsman’s & Special Operator’s - Camouflage
G & H) Water Sports, Boater’s & Triathlete’s - Blue/Yellow on White; or Wht/Wht on Blue
I) Fire/Search/Rescue Operations’s Black/Yellow on Red

WHITE Fabric-Backer

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GS Closet Organizers - Black/Black web on Khaki $99.00
GS Closet Organizers - White/White web on White $99.00
GS Closet Organizers - White/White on Royal (bl) $99.00
GS Closet Organizers - Khaki/Camo on Forest(gn) $99.00
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